Large Car Sales Figures In America - September 2013 YTD

2014 Buick LaCrosse Burgundy
Buick Has Only Reported One Monthly
YOY LaCrosse Sales Increase In 2013
In September 2013, America's four top-selling large cars all wore Detroit badges. While sales of the class-leading Chevrolet Impala fell 25%, Dodge Charger volume jumped 49% to 8713 units. The Charger was the 18th-best-selling car in the United States last month.

Ford, with 1299 Taurus Police Interceptor sales helping out, claimed third spot in the category. Chrysler 300 sales improved 6% to 5036. The year-to-date fourth-place car, Toyota's Avalon, slid to sixth spot in September as Nissan Maxima sales (down 17.5% year-over-year) increased 25% compared with August totals. 

Overall, the large car category is up 2.2% through the first three quarters of 2013 as the Buick Lucerne's departure has been more than made up for by the arrival of the Kia Cadenza. However, in September, sales of the Cadenza fell 45% compared with August while sales of its Hyundai twin, the Azera, jumped 67% YOY and 66% compared with August. 

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As a result of the big increases reported by the Charger, Avalon, and Azera, the large car segment posted a 5.2% year-over-year increase to 49,311 units in the month of September. This occurred even as the overall market fell 4.4% in an abbreviated month which saw two fewer selling days than the same month in the prior year.

You can click any model name in the table below to find historical monthly and yearly U.S. auto sales data. You can also select a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page. This table is now sortable, so you can rank large cars any which way you like. Suggestions on how GCBC should break down segments can be passed on through the Contact page.

Click Column Headers To Sort - September 2014October 2013August 2013 - September 2012
Large Car

- 13.7%38,845- 13.8%
- 100%9- 99.1%
- 24.9%121,033- 13.7%
+ 5.8%44,186- 17.6%
+ 48.6%73,342+ 15.5%
+ 0.4%63,621+ 11.9%
+ 66.9%9105+ 51.9%
+ 9.6%25,117- 7.0%
- 17.5%36,196- 21.5%
+ 187%53,795+ 148%
Source: Automakers
GCBC isn't here to break down segments, an impossible task for any group, but to display sales data for the sake of comparison. The more ways sales data can be displayed, the better, right? You can always find the sales results for EVERY vehicle and form your own competitive sets by using the All Vehicle Rankings posts.

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