Mini USA Car Sales Charts - September 2013 YTD

BMW USA reported an 8% improvement in Mini sales in September 2013 on strong sales of the company's three least practical models, including two of its topless cars. 

Convertible sales jumped 59%, or 180 units. Roadster sales jumped 87%, or 169 units. (Mini's two convertibles accounted for 16% of the brand's volume, up from 9% a month ago and 10% a year ago.) Sales of the dreadfully awkward-looking Mini Coupe rose by 476 to 660 units, a 259% year-over-year improvement. 
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These increases occurred as sales of Mini's original Hardtop model slid slightly, while Clubman sales fell 19%, while Countryman volume plunged to 1191 units, the Countryman's lowest monthly U.S. total since August 2011

Paceman sales, on the other hand, climbed to new heights, a 55% improvement on Mini's previous best Paceman sales month in June. Mini's two men nameplates were responsible for 31.5% of the brand's September volume; 34.8% through the first three quarters of 2013.
Mini's two most obvious rivals, Chrysler's Fiat and the Volkswagen Beetle, sold 3157 and 3554 copies in September, respectively. Fiat 500 sales plunged 49% to 2126 units. Fiat also sold 1031 copies of its 500L, that model's second-best of its four months on sale. 

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible sales totalled 1574 (14,819 YTD) while sales of the hardtop Beetle fell 24.5% to 1980. The hardtop Beetle is down 6.8% to 20,099 this year.

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Mini Cooper Hardtop
- 0.4%20,553- 3.7%
Mini Cooper Convertible
+ 58.8%3663- 3.4%
Mini Cooper Clubman
- 18.9%3499- 17.7%
Mini Countryman
- 40.5%15,596+ 1.6%
Mini Coupe 
+ 259%2241+ 1.6%
Mini Roadster
+ 87.1%2418+ 51.5%
Mini Paceman
+ 8.3%49,635+ 2.3%
Source: BMW of North America

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