Mini USA Car Sales Charts - June 2013 YTD

2013 Mini Countryman red
Mini USA June 2013 market share chart
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19.5% of BMW USA's June sales volume originated from the Mini brand in 2013, down from 21.6% in June 2012. 

Mini sales were up 9.6% thanks to near-brand-wide increases and the addition of the Paceman, but the BMW brand's contributions grew much faster. 3-Series sales, for example, were up 62.6% as it outsold the whole Mini brand by 4386 units. In June 2012, the 3-Series only outsold the Mini brand by 745 units.

Mini USA sales breakdown chart June 2013
The only Mini to report a year-over-year decline was the brand's most popular model, the conventional, original Cooper Hardtop. Year-to-date, sales of the Hardtop, Convertible, Clubman, and Coupe have fallen. Countryman volume is up by 1303 units through six months, however, and the Roadster and Paceman have contributed an extra 1340 sales. This explains Mini's 0.9% year-over-year increase through the first half of 2013. Only in December 2012 has Mini USA ever sold more Countrymans than it did in June 2013.

Meanwhile, sales of the Fiat 500 - hardtop and convertible - fell 12.4% to 3509 units in June 2013, but the addition of the 500L allowed Fiat to announce a 1.1% June increase. 541 500Ls were sold in its first month. VW USA sold 1771 hardtop Beetles, down 39.2%, and 2009 Beetle Convertibles for an overall nameplate gain of 29.7%.

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Mini Cooper Hardtop
- 9.2%13,743- 6.7%
Mini Cooper Convertible
+ 10.4%2415- 10.3%
Mini Cooper Clubman
+ 1.4%2221- 21.3%
Mini Countryman
+ 14.8%10,563+ 14.1%
Mini Coupe 
+ 6.7%1084- 30.7%
Mini Roadster
+ 68.3%1616+ 63.2%
Mini Paceman
+ 9.6%32356+ 0.9%
Source: BMW Of North America

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