February 2013 Minivan Sales In Canada

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Canadian minivan volume slid 17.4% in February 2013 as seven of the segment's ten members reported significant declines. The Honda Odyssey posted a 2.3% slide, equal to a 13-unit loss. 

Through the first two months of 2013, Canada's minivan market is off 2012's pace by 12.7%. Much of this relates to the Dodge Grand Caravan, which has suffered both from a decline in desirability and some production issues in Windsor, Ontario. Keep in mind, the Grand Caravan is competing in an overall market that's slid 2.8%, but its 1576-unit loss isn't easy for Canadian Chrysler dealers.

Canada February 2013 minivan sales chart
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Even if Canadian sales of the class-leading Grand Caravan - Canada's fourth-best-selling vehicle - weren't declining, Canada's minivan market would still be tainted by the drops at Volkswagen (not surprisingly, the Routan is dying off), Chevrolet, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota, which is the second-biggest seller of minivans in Canada. 

As always, historical monthly and yearly sales figures for any of these vans can be found by clicking a model name in the sortable table below or by making a selection at GCBC's Sales Stats page. That's where you'll find out that Mazda hasn't sold more than 1000 5s in a single month since May 2010.

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February 2013
Year To Date
% Change
- 29.4%807+ 0.4%
+ 399%1198+ 292%
- 20.4%5944- 21.0%
- 2.3%1128+ 2.5%
- 44.0%385- 31.6%
+ 243%181+ 151%
- 48.5%524- 44.0%
- 55.2%58- 40.8%
- 41.0%1164- 27.9%
- 65.4%20- 66.7%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC

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  1. Hyundai should enter minivan market in north america to replace toyota as top asian brand specially in canada.


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