Canada Large Luxury Car Sales - February 2013

2013 Jaguar XJ aerial view
For the second consecutive month, the Jaguar XJ was the best-selling large luxury car in Canada. Among flagship sedans (and coupes, in the case of Mercedes-Benz, which joins the S-Class and CL) the XJ was four units more popular than any of its rivals in February.

The biggest Jaguar is now 13 units up on the Benz duo through two months, selling 25% more often than its best-selling rival. Canadian sales of the Jaguar XJ have tripled this year. In addition to the Jag and Benz, the Audi A8, BMW 6-Series, and Lexus LS have reported year-over-year improvements. Canada's overall new vehicle market is down 2.8%.

Canada February 2013 large luxury car sales chart
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Of course, these improvements have come at the time of year when Canadian auto industry volume is at its lowest. Moreover, Jaguar has secured the XJ's best-selling status during a period in which BMW 7-Series sales have reached ridiculous lows. 

BMW Canada sold 156 7-Series sedans in December - when Jaguar sold only 21 XJs - but 7-Series volume has plunged since then. Don't believe for a second that BMW Canada will continue to sell fewer than ten copies of the company's flagship in the coming months.

You can always find historical monthly and yearly sales figures for all these limos by selecting a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page - you can also click a model name in the sortable tables below. Feel absolutely free to make suggestions on the way GCBC breaks down the large luxury car category. And don't forget that you can rearrange the order of utility vehicles below, ranking them by year-over-year change or year-to-date totals.

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Large Luxury Car
February 2013
To Date
% Change
+ 38.5%33+ 10.0%
+ 25.0%43+ 10.3%
- 84.1%24- 68.0%
+ 190%64+ 205%
+ 500%23+ 109%
+ 4.2%51+ 6.3%
- 21.7%37- 39.3%

Large (Cheaper) 
Luxury Cars

- 71.4%6- 62.5%
+ 20.5%71+ 10.9%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC
* indicates a vehicle which is also shown in another GCBC segment breakdown

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