Canada Large Car Sales - February 2013

2014 Chevrolet Impala
Seven different cars sold more often in Canada than the whole of this large car group did in February 2013. Combined, these eight cars (nine if you count the dead Lucerne) found 1414 interested rental car agencies, government procurement officers, and 78-year-old individual buyers last month. 

Sure, Toyota Avalon sales are booming, but only when compared with Toyota Avalon sales figures of yore. So far this year, Ford Taurus sales have basically doubled, but it's not the class leader through the first two months of 2013. Chrysler and Dodge have sold more 300s and Chargers. 

Canada February 2013 large car sales chart
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From the Buick LaCrosse through to the soon-to-be-partially-replaced Chevrolet Impala, the 300, Charger, and the Nissan Maxima, large car sales in Canada are down, and they're down sharply.

So low is the volume achieved in the category, however, that one "big" month could turn it all around. These cars combined to account for just 1.4% of the overall new vehicle market in February 2013. Perspective? The Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Mercedes-Benz GLK combined to do so as well.

As we tirelessly point out, you can find historical monthly and yearly sales figures for all these vehicles by clicking their model name in the sortable table below or by selecting a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page. Feel free to offer suggestions on how the large car category should be broken down. Arrange the data in other ways by clicking column headers to rank cars by February or year-to-date volume, or however you like. And check out the more popular midsize cars in the post from earlier this morning.

Click Column Headers To Sort - February 2014March 2013January 2013 - February 2012
Large Car

- 51.0%150- 60.0%
- 99.3%1- 99.6%
- 64.8%316- 70.3%
- 20.2%510- 36.9%
- 31.5%680- 37.4%
+ 119%486+ 96.8%
+ 13.6%140+ 26.1%
- 62.4%205- 42.9%
+ 183%190+ 175%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC
* indicates a car which is also shown in another GCBC segment breakdown
^ sedan only

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