February 2013 Top 15 Best-Selling Luxury Vehicles In Canada

2013 Audi A6 garnet red
Audi Canada Doesn't List This Garnet Red As
One Of The S6 Sedan's Available Colours, Sadly
1.8% of the new vehicles registered in Canada are represented by the 15 nameplates displayed in the list below. It's an oddball list, being made up mostly by SUVs and crossovers, including one from Chevrolet, the $52,610-$73,765 Suburban. Not exactly "luxury" in the traditional sense.

But we're not displaying sales figures for the best-selling luxury vehicles, not in the traditional sense. All the vehicles listed below have base prices above $50,000. This excludes vehicles like the $29,900 B-Class, even though... *gasp*... it's a Mercedes-Benz. We want to know how Canadians spend their money on cars when they choose to spend more than $50,000. Unfortunately, we can't know the sales figures for specific models. So even though it's easily assumed that a healthy number of the BMW X3s sold in Canada in February cost more than $50,000, it's left off (for the purposes of this list) because it's priced from $42,450.

All Vehicles Ranked By February 2013 & YTD Canadian Sales

The most conspicuously absent cars are the flagship sedans from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Porsche, and Jaguar. BMW only sold seven 7-Series sedans in February. At least the numbers were fitting, although the 84% decline sucked. Mercedes-Benz led the segment with 34 sales between the S-Class and CL-Class coupe.

Canada luxury auto brand market share chart February 2013
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Also missing? The Lincoln Navigator found 52 buyers in February. Infiniti Canada sold 47 big QX56 SUVs, the same number Lincoln put up with the MKS. Incidentally, Porsche sold 47 911s and Subaru sold 47 BRZs.

Historical monthly and yearly sales figures for any vehicle can always be accessed through the dropdown menu near the top right of this page (for non-mobile users) or at GCBC's Sales Stats page. GoodCarBadCar published a list of Canada's 30 overall best-selling vehicles earlier this morning. By Monday, you'll be able to see the sales figures for every vehicle sold in Canada in February 2013 in one place. The All Vehicle Rankings post will rank vehicles by year-to-date and February totals.

These were Canada's top-selling expensive vehicles last month. For the price of one Good 12-winning Range Rover, you could have two Range Rover Evoque and a Fiat 500 Turbo. For the record.

February 2014March 2013 - January 2013 - February 2012
Luxury Vehicle 
(Min. Base Price $50,000)
February 2013
To Date
% Change
Mercedes-Benz M-Class
325 - 1.2% 594 + 1.5%
GL-Class & G-Class
192 + 33.3% 383 + 44.5%
E-Class & CLS-Class
183 - 18.7% 300 - 26.8%
Acura MDX
165 - 54.2% 422 - 30.0%
162 - 45.6% 355 - 31.3%
Land Rover 
Range Rover Sport
140 + 18.6% 248 + 19.8%
BMW 5-Series
140 - 4.8% 331 + 22.6%
Porsche Cayenne
116 + 26.1% 204 + 27.5%
Audi Q7
115 + 33.7% 218 - 11.4%
Land Rover Range Rover
62 + 67.6% 146 + 156%
Infiniti FX
59 + 20.4% 108 + 2.9%
Cadillac Escalade
58- 13.4% 121 - 12.3%
57 - 25.0% 97 - 21.8%
Chevrolet Suburban
55 - 20.3% 106 - 26.4%
Audi A6
55 - 25.7% 103 - 35.2%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC
Red font indicates year-over-year declining sales 
$50,000 CDN (before delivery) is an arbitrary borderline, but if GCBC was to follow this new system of designating only expensive vehicles as luxury vehicles, $50K seemed like a safe place to begin - it equals the average U.S. new car transaction price plus $15,000, plus another $5000 to account for Canadian increases. Plenty of less expensive vehicles with specific models feature prices above $50,000 - M, RS, and AMG models come to mind, specifically - but in the case of this list, we know that none of the registrations were of cars priced at $35,900, as would be the case with the BMW 320i, which costs less than a Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0T Limited. The list has been cut from 30 to 15 - 30 "best sellers" would have made up a large portion of the 50-odd vehicles on sale in Canada with base prices above $50,000 and would have therefore diluted the "best-selling" message. The biggest problem with a $50,000 minimum price of entry? Cars like the Cadillac XTS, which starts at $48,995, sporty cars like the $48,600 Audi TT, and SUVs like the $49,930 Chevrolet Tahoe and $49,675 Volkswagen Touareg, only one of which, incidentally, would have cracked February's Top 15: the Touareg.

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