2012 Year End Top 25 Best-Selling Cars In America

2013 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT Coupe red
If asked at the beginning of 2012 if the Toyota Camry would end the year as the best-selling car in America, I'd have likely said, "Probably." If asked if it would do so with 31% increases, if three of next five best-selling cars would post gains of more than 40%, and if only five of the 25 best-selling cars in America would post year-over-year declines, I'd have said, "No."

In fact, Camry sales shot up to nearly 405,000 in a climate that supported only negligible job growth, in an economy that's sputtering at best. And it's not as though the Camry was the only machine to post surprisingly high volumes. Ford F-Series sales grew 10% to 645K.

Each of America's 22 best-selling passenger cars in 2012 found at least 100,000 buyers. Last year only the top 18 accomplished that feat. No car sold more than 400,000 copies in 2011, and only one sold more than 300,000 times. In 2012, the second, third, fourth and fifth-best-selling cars all sold more frequently than the second-best-selling car of 2012. That car was the Nissan Altima, and it dropped to fourth spot in 2012. Ford's Fusion fell from fourth to seventh, making way for the Ford Focus to own the title of America's best-selling American-badged car.

What else has changed?  Not much: the Chevrolet Camaro hung on to its top 25 spot (falling to 25th from 22nd). Mercedes-Benz's C-Class fell off, but not because of falling sales. The only other car missing from last year's top 25 is the Dodge Charger, replaced by Dodge's own Avenger. That C-Class disappearance made way for another German car, however. The Tennessee-built Volkswagen Passat ranked 19th in U.S. passenger car sales in 2012.

You can find detailed historical monthly and yearly U.S. sales figures for any make and model by making your selection from the dropdown menu at GCBC's Sales Stats home. Other best seller lists are linked up at the bottom of this post. Get to know 2012's top 25 best-selling cars in America before running off, though.

Updated @ 7:00 PM AT on 01.07.2013 with full Prius figures
Best-Selling Car
% Change
Toyota Camry
404,886308,510+ 31.2%
Honda Accord
331,872235,625+ 40.8%
Honda Civic
317,909221,235+ 43.7%
Nissan Altima
302,934268,981+ 12.6%
Toyota Corolla/Matrix
290,947240,259+ 21.1%
Ford Focus
245,922175,717+ 40.0%
Ford Fusion
241,263248,067- 2.7%
Chevrolet Cruze
237,758231,732+ 2.6%
Toyota Prius
236,659136,463+ 73.4%

Prius Liftback
147,507128,064+ 15.2%

Prius V
40,6698399+ 384%

Prius C

Prius Plug-In
Hyundai Sonata
230,605225,961+ 2.1%
Chevrolet Malibu
210,951204,808+ 3.0%
Hyundai Elantra
202,034186,361+ 8.4%
Volkswagen Jetta
170,424177,360- 3.9%
Chevrolet Impala
169,351171,434- 1.2%
Kia Optima
152,39984,590+ 80.2%
Chrysler 200
125,47689,413+ 40.3%
Mazda 3
123,361102,417+ 20.4%
Subaru Outback
117,553 104,405 + 12.6%
 Volkswagen Passat
117,02322,835+ 413%
Kia Soul
115,778102,267+ 13.2%
Nissan Versa
113,32799,730+ 13.6%
Nissan Sentra
106,395114,991- 7.5%
BMW 3-Series
Dodge Avenger
96,89064,023+ 51.3%
Chevrolet Camaro
84,39188,249- 4.4%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC 
Red font indicates year-over-year declining sales

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