November 2012 Minivan Sales In Canada

2012 Kia Rondo molten red
From third last month, the Kia Rondo moved up to the second slot in November, right behind the Dodge Grand Caravan, Canada's best-selling minivan.

Canadians registered 7600 new minivans in November 2012. From a Chrysler Canada market share perspective, it was most definitely not the absurdly dominant month to which the company is accustomed. "Only" 47% of the minivans sold in Canada last month were built in Windsor, Ontario. Year-to-date, Windsor-built vans own 54% of the minivan market.

Canada November 2012 minivan sales chart
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Mini-minivans were responsible for 31% of the category's November 2012 volume. Those three vans - the Rondo, Chevrolet Orlando, and Mazda 5 - accounted for just 14% of a much smaller overall minivan market a year ago. Canada's minivan market was up 16% in November.

As always, you can click any model name in the table below to see historical monthly and yearly sales figures. Or you can select any make or model at GCBC's Sales Stats home. Any vehicle you can't find tabled here will be listed elsewhere - you can select from segments like pickup trucks and commercial vans at GCBC's The Tally page.

Click the accompanying chart for a larger view. In that chart, minivans are ranked by volume - they're listed alphabetically in the tables below. 

November 2012
Year To Date
% Change
+ 211%6530+ 738%
- 17.8%3809- 11.3%
- 3.2%49,037- 2.8%
- 22.1%8576+ 6.8%
+ 79.7%13,060+ 103%
+ 55.9%902- 27.3%
- 5.7%4932- 14.2%
- 78.8%640- 32.3%
+ 9.6%11,079+ 8.7%
- 60.3%568- 28.0%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC

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  1. yes those big Rondo incentives are really working, last big push before that model disappears. I saw in November production figures that they built more Rondo's that month than in any other month during the year, twice as much as September. Not sure when they will go into the new model but I suspect the new year they will start.


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