November 2012 Large Luxury Car And Large Luxury SUV Sales Figures

2013 Porsche Panamera V6 Ruby Red
Yikes. An Ugly Red Car With Red Wheels?
Audi, BMW, Lexus, and Porsche posted huge year-over-year Canadian sales increases with their flagship sedans in November. Of course, these are very low-volume cars, and massive gains - 89%, 160%, 84%, and 156%, respectively for the A8, 7-Series, LS, and Panamera - translate to relatively small volume increases. 

Canada November 2012 large luxury car sales chart
Large Luxury Car Sales Chart
Click Either Chart For Larger View
In November 2012, the A8 brought in an extra eight sales for Audi compared with November 2011. BMW rather fittingly added 77 sales via the 7-Series. Lexus LS sales improved by 16 units. Porsche sold 25 more Panameras last month than in the same period a year earlier. 

This doesn't mean the cars aren't huge sources of profit for luxury automakers. But in terms of the cars you see on Canadian roadways, the eight cars from the first table below accounted for just 0.27% of all the new vehicles sold in Canada in November 2012.

In the second table you'll see the significantly more popular large luxury SUV category. Between the GL-Class and very rare G-Class (there is no available breakdown between the two models), Mercedes-Benz found 189 buyers for their biggest SUVs, triple the number achieved by Mercedes-Benz's biggest sedan and its coupe sibling.

November 2012 Canada large luxury SUV sales chart
Large Luxury SUV Sales Chart
As always, you can click any model name in the tables visible after the jump to see historical monthly and yearly sales figures. Or you can select any make or model at GCBC's Sales Stats home. Any vehicle you can't find tabled here will be listed elsewhere - you can select from segments like small luxury cars and midsize SUVs at GCBC's The Tally page.

Click either of the accompanying charts for a larger view. In those charts, cars and utility vehicles are ranked by volume - they're listed alphabetically in the tables below.

Large Luxury Car
November 2012
Year To Date
% Change
+ 88.9%214+ 9.7%
+ 69.2%437+ 156%
+ 160%599+ 20.5%
- 12.5%157- 24.2%
+ 84.2%116- 16.5%
+ 8.5%652- 2.5%
+ 156%380+ 10.8%

Large Luxury SUV
November 2012
Year To Date
% Change
- 25.4%834- 17.4%
- 26.4%346- 20.8%
+ 36.4%399+ 8.4%
+ 186%245+ 136%
- 19.3%518- 8.0%
- 7.8%1761+ 12.3%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC
This post was corrected at 12:24 PM AT on 12.13.2013 with updated information regarding Land Rover sales, info that's not reflected in the chart.

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