September 2012 Minivan Sales And Truck Sales In America

2012 Chrysler Town & Country interior
The Chrysler Group's two minivans grabbed 49% of America's minivan market in September 2012. Ranked first and third in the segment through nine months, the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country have delivered 37,949 more sales for the parent company this year than the pair did in the first three quarters of 2011. Sales of the two are up 24% so far this year.

Dodge has also sold 5279 Ram Cargo Vans in 2012. The Windsor, Ontario, plant where these vans are assembled also produces the virtually identical Volkswagen Routan. Sales of the VW version are down 21% to 8246. The Routan is Volkswagen of America's third-lowest-volume product, ahead of the Touareg and Eos.

USA September 2012 minivan sales chart
Minivan Sales Chart
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There are more Americans who buy or lease pickup trucks than there are Americans who buy or lease minivans. This much you knew. In September, there were more Americans who registered a new Ford F-Series than there were total new minivan registrations. Ford has already sold 50K more F-Series pickups than in all of 2009, an admittedly dreadful year. Through nine months, the F-Series is only 5166 sales behind last year's ten-month total and is less than 10K sales off 2010's eleven-month total.

So, with F-Series sales rising, does Ford need the Ranger? Volume isn't the only line in the answer key. The profit earned per unit is a similarly important part of the equation. On simple volume terms, it's interesting to note that through the first three quarters of 2011, Ford had sold 466,176 Rangers and F-Series pickups. Through the first nine months of 2012, in a market that's grown 14.5%, Ford has sold 463,733 F-Series trucks, not much less. Let's assume the F-Series is the more profitable of the two truck lines - the consumer certainly pays more. With the Ranger's North American demise, we know Ford no longer needs to market two trucks. Isn't it reasonable to assume that in spite of the truck enthusiast's moaning, Ford is coping fine without the Ranger?

Yes, the market's up 14.5% this year. And yes, when considering the success of an automaker, there are factors besides volume at play. But Ford sales are up 5.6% this year despite the loss of 39,671 Crown Victoria sales and 30,642 Ranger sales. How has the company handled those losses? To begin with, Ford has sold an extra 47,345 F-Series trucks.

September 2012 U.S. truck sales chart
Pickup Truck Sales Chart
Historical monthly and yearly sales results for 282 different vehicles can be accessed through the first dropdown menu at GCBC's Sales Stats home or, for non-mobile users, near the top right of this page. Click any model from the tables below to go directly to its own specific sales results page.

After the jump you'll find detailed September and year-to-date sales info for eight minivans and twice that many trucks, including multiple defunct models. You'll also find the Escalade EXT in the Escalade's total in this large luxury SUV post. The two accompanying charts rank trucks and minivans by volume rather than listing them alphabetically; click either chart for a larger view.

September 2012
Year To Date
% Change
+ 8.0%1348- 4.7%
+ 9.1%17,149+ 22.6%
+ 30.5%32,608+ 36.0%
- 16.6%298,200+ 0.6%
Dodge Dakota
- 98.9%488- 95.4%
+ 5.9%213,593+ 20.0%
+ 1.2%463,733+ 11.4%
- 98.7%19,146- 61.5%
+ 21.2%7618- 0.2%
- 1.9%112,181+ 4.5%
+ 51.4%10,229+ 58.0%
+ 0.5%44,814+ 19.7%
- 21.9%16,406+ 6.9%
- 16.0%1426- 10.8%
+ 48.9%102,872+ 30.8%
+ 39.5%74,972+ 22.8%

September 2012
Year To Date
% Change
- 1.9%87,569+ 21.8%
+ 32.2%108,127+ 26.0%
+ 28.9%97,824+ 28.7%
- 45.6%14,454- 24.9%
- 51.4%9693- 39.4%
+ 39.7%14,514+ 67.8%
- 0.8%87,187+ 4.8%
- 28.7%8246- 20.8%
Source: Manufacturers & ANDC

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