• Anonymous

    Usually when Lexus is having a good month they outsell Volkswagen in USA..

  • Volkswagen sold twice as many vehicle as Lexus in July, however.

  • Anonymous

    New GS looks awesome.. I can't wait till someone finally puts the 5 & E dominance to an end..

    And I have a question to Goodcarbadcar ; Do newly launched cars usually sell well in first months or do you need to wait a few months till you start seeing their effect?..

  • That totally depends, @anonymous, on how the automaker ramped up production. If they made sure dealers were well stocked then perhaps the car will sell well. But first they had to make sure the old model was out of stock or else the low interest rates on the old car – particularly if it was a successful, appreciated model – will make selling the new car with higher interest rates and no incentives more difficult. But more often sales steadily increase as dealers receive more examples (in more colours with a greater variety of options) of the new car.

  • Jay

    I wish they would bring the Up! to the US…lots of folks very interested in this vehicle!! Gas efficient at a good price…….BRING IT!

  • Anonymous

    I am a current VW owner and I have been very happy with the VW's I have owned In the last three years. My current MKVI GTI gets 27mpg combined. It is fast too. However with the gas price going up I did the math and a UP would save me $500 a year on fuel. My wife would save $2200/year. Thats no pocket change. Bring it for 2013 and I will go get a white one.

  • Kcastor34

    The Scion IQ is a fail because it does not offer a manual transmission in the states and it is also overpriced by at least $3,000 dollars. The Smart is also suffering slow sales due to its auto transmission which has been called "the worst automatic ever". I'm betting the Chevy Spark will do much better and the VW UP! would be a great addition to its American line-up. Cant wait for more of these small efficient cars to hit the market.