Ford released a 2010 Taurus SEL AWD into The Good Car Guy’s hands about three hours ago. A proper Driven article is yet to come; the 3 To Beat happened months ago, and young Facebook contacts have already offered up their generally negative – though uneducated – views. However, one photography session has been undertaken and you can check out the GCBC Gallery below.

Early impressions revolve around the Taurus’s size: ’tis large indeed. Comfort is top-notch. Sound is terrific; and only comes from the right places (speakers and not the road). The new Taurus is miles ahead of the old Five Hundred/Taurus in terms of appearance. Even with GoodCarBadCar.net being a fan of white cars, a big white Ford does scream cop car. Until you look at the flashy wheels. Click any image for a larger view at the album’s Picasa home page.

  • fordCowboy

    Five Hundred x better than the Five Hundred.

  • biased

    that is one gigantic shifter.

  • Gigantic shifter, yes. The paddles, however, are sized perfectly but, for the most part, not wildly useful in a car of this nature.

  • mateocomeo

    Parking garages are appropriately named. They are for parking. Then why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

  • krauss

    Anybody suggesting that designing a big car is easier to make look good than a small car was….. right. Even if it was easy, it still looks good.