Unlike their counterparts south of the border, most automakers competing in Canada managed to post better sales this September than they did in September of 2007. (For USA auto sales last month, click here.) However, there were some losers. Most notably, Land Rover; Porsche; Saab; and Volvo. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler like to lump most of their brands together in Canada, so it's difficult to know just how badly Hummer is doing. Regardless, the statistics for Canada's auto sellers for the month of September are below in order of total sales. 


General Motors: -6.5% to 30,784
Toyota: +13.5% to 18,062
Chrysler: N/C to 17,006
Ford: -6.3% to 12,976
Honda: +3.6% to 12,841
Hyundai: +0.2% to 7,095
Mazda: -4.2% to 6,762
Nissan: +11.9% to 6,654
Kia: +13.3% to 3,772
Volkswagen: +28.3% to 3,662
Acura: +34.3% to 2,048
Mercedes-Benz: +35.4% to 1,800
Subaru: -4.1% to 1,511
Mitsubishi: +16.2% to 1,464
Lexus: +37.6% to 1,351
Suzuki: +23.3% to 1,304
Audi: +53.1% to 949
Infiniti: +58.4% to 746
Volvo: -30.8% to 543
Mini: +27.8% to 409
smart: +871% to 301
Land Rover: -30.1% to 195
Saab: -32.1% to 114
Porsche: -37.5% to 100
Jaguar: +41.4% to 82

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