Two GoodCarBadCar features merge to compare and contrast the BMW 1-series.  This smallest-of-all current BMW's generates a lot of opinion; divisive and passionate. That started with the X Coupe (seen left) which BMW debuted as a concept years ago  For those of us on the left side of the Atlantic Ocean, diesel 1-series derivatives aren't available.  Europeans see every possible 1-series engine, from the 113bhp (and even more torqueless) 116i to half of today's comparo, the 301bhp 135i coupe.  Yowza.  Here are your Numbers from Across The Pond.


1995 - engine capacity, in cc's, of the four-cylinder turbodiesel in the BMW 123d coupe

2979 - engine capacity, in cc's, of the twin-turbocharged gas-fired engine in the BMW 135i coupe

201 - horsepower generated by the 2.0L diesel, exactly 100 less than the almighty petrol 1-series, the 135i

295 - torque, measured in pound-feet, produced by the 2.0L diesel and 3.0L gas engines

1420 - weight of the BMW 123d in kilograms, 65 kg's less than the BMW 135i

40 - weight advantage of the 135i compared to its larger sibling, the equivalently engined 335i

155 - top speed, in miles per hour, of the 135i, seven mph greater than the top speed of the 123d

138 - C02 emissions, measured in grams per kilometre, produced by the 123d; 82 fewer grams than the 135i produces each kilometre.

24 - extra miles the 123d can travel on a gallon of fuel, over and above the 135i, as measured on the EU cycle

3455 - fewer British pounds sterling required to purchase a 123d, as opposed to the 135i

14766 - expected value of the 135i in the UK after three years, £1,044 more than the 123d

100.75 - horsepower per litre figure of the 2.0L diesel in the 123d

72 - horsepower per litre figure of the 7.0L naturally-aspirated V8 in Chevrolet's Corvette Z06

101 - horsepower per litre figure of the 3.0L petrol in the 135i

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